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Installing an ISDN 30 GSM Gateway

An ISDN 30 Gateway will usually be installed in between the PBX and main ISDN 30E connection from BT. This is known as 'Pass Through' mode. The Gateway looks at all outgoing traffic from the PBX and sends any call destined for an 07 number out to GSM.

If your lines are DASS lines, then we have to consider installing a further card into the PBX to provide the correct connection. This will require a spare card slot, and the involvement of your system maintainer to program calls to 07 to be sent through the new card and the Gateway. This is known as dedicated port mode.

Since the ISDN 30 gateway is digital, it is a sophisticated piece of technology.

ISDN Gateways are capable of deploying multiple Sim cards, on various tariffs. If you have a company sharer package in place for your corporate mobiles, we can partition the gateway to run some of these. This will generally give you free calls between your office and field based staff. However, sharer minutes to other mobile users outside of the company can be expensive; and better pence per minute rate can be achieved by using bundled cross network minute packages. We can accommodate both models simultaneously within the Gateway.

In addition, the Gateway can call home each day to deliver call data records to our management centre. This is particularly useful for keeping track of your usage, as well as providing back up billing information and call slippage analysis. ISDN 30 Gateways can be used for sending SMS messages from your desk top email package. Back to previous page