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Telephone Systems - Telephone Technology

Handling your phone calls efficiently is a mission critical responsibility, and like most other areas of the workplace, technology has moved on considerably in the last few years. Your telephone system can now be connected to other important areas of business operation; for instance your CRM system for one click dialling. Your mobile phone can also be included as a telephone extension so that you're effectively always in the office, and your Email and Calendar can be kept updated with your itinerary to let colleagues know your availability. Additionally, with our unique divert on 'no answer' or 'busy' to a dedicated call centre who answer your calls as your company; your telephone communications can always be handled efficiently, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Telephone Systems

But at the heart of all of this, is the simple need to present your calls and callers with crystal clear speech, efficient call handling, and if necessary contemporary or stylish on hold music and marketing. As long standing Panasonic partners, Telephone Technology can provide all of this on the most reliable, flexible and value for money platform in the telephony marketplace. Whether you need help sourcing support on the long list of legacy Panasonic equipment, or whether you've decided it's time to move into the 21st Century and introduce some of those incredible efficiency upgrades to your current working practices, why not give us a call? With financial models that can offer new or second user systems on either outright purchase, lease, or either short or long term rental models, we're sure we're the best company to partner with for the future of your new or existing communications platform.